Timing Belt Replacement

The timing belt is an essential component that controls the camshafts of your engine, opening and closing valves in sync and on time for everything to run smoothly in your engine. Most drivers should think about replacing their timing belt approximately every 80,000km. Timing belt replacement is essential to avoid subsequent engine failure. If left unchecked could cost thousands of dollars to fix. [Read More]

Battery Replacement

We offer a full line of premium batteries specifically designed for your vehicle. Most batteries last on average about 4 years and our centre is equipped with the right tools to test what kind of shape your battery needs to be replaced. The battery usually dies with no warning and this is due to the complexity of the batteries chemical makeup, the last thing you want is your battery to be dead. [Read More]

Engine Cooling Problems

It is important for your vehicle to be at a constant, steady temperature. Having your fluids checked regularly can help prevent your car from suddenly overheating. If you find that your engine is running hotter than usual or you find coolant underneath your car bring your car in and well take a look for you. There can be a leak or more a serious issue and at Bombay Auto Centre we are here to help. [Read More]

Engine light diagnosis

Your engines light can appear for a number of different reasons. When the check engine light comes on it is a good idea to get it looked at right away. At Bombay Auto Centre we have the right technology that can decode and detect any problem your vehicle may be experiencing. Our skilled technicians can decode and resolve the required maintenance or repair issues to get your car back on the road safely. [Read More]